“All people live on the same planet”  and in emergency there are not borders
for solidarity, tells us Victoria, a  (National Disaster Management Agency) NADMA‘s staff lady                                                                                                  just before greet all of us with a warmest hug.

Those words sounds on our heads returning to the hotel,
meanwhile a wonderful sunset remarks the end of our stay on the spice

Why people becomes volunteer?

The answer, as volunteers ourselves, it
would seem simple, but it isn’t at all.
Lots of reasons pushing a man, a woman, young people to devote part of
their lives to the others, to the community and especially to strange people…                                                                                                          “all people live on the same planet”, as Victoria said.

A Mike Meranski’s song about Grenada, titled “That’s Ivan” says ”                                                                                                                                  “it took houses old and new, it didn’t matter whether                                                                                                                                                              you’re rich or poor”. 

Ivan… Give a name to hurricanes makes them familiar, friends not to be
forgotten, and this people will not forget them, the devastation and
the death toll they have carried with, as we won’t forget the floods
and the earthquakes that strikes our land, Europe.
Is because of those terrible moments that the borders disappears, and
the goal of our mission becomes more clear.

… we all live on the same planet.


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