12 days left to departure and this is a good moment for preparing some details for our assessment mission.

The one important and big upcoming question was, if we were perhaps to focussed on met and hydrogeological issues during our pre-deployment training. We all know that civil protection is much bigger and that the week in Rome was too short to touch all related arguments. But we should keep an open mind to all possible faces of civil protection that we can find during our mission and not to be too fixed to met and hydrogeological aspects. The following list is not complete and should be considered as starting points for a discussion.

We should keep an eye on:

– Meteorological and Hydrogeological issues (like hurricanes, landslides, local flood phenomena, etc.)

– Measure the status of risk awareness of official structures, organizations and the population in general

– The local system of facing major catastrophic events in general

– The civil protection communication system (between different offices, organizations and communities)

– Health and general civil protection risks from waste-dumps by affecting the ecosystem (groundwater, tapping riverbeds or air pollution)

All of the above mentioned themes offer in succession different possibilities for Team Bravo and Charlie.

The next step will be the preparation for the different meetings and a kind of checklist for each partner to  meet. And lets never forget that our aim is to meet our friends in Grenada and Barbados in order to develop together solutions that will help to improve the local system of civil protection.

Please feel free to comment and to post your point of view and your suggestions.

Markus (Team Alpha)