So, me and my team , Team Charlie, we are in Barbados. In the first two days two we organized a workshop covering the follwing themes :

  • Volunteer management – History of Italian volunteering service and cost/benefit analysis – presenter  Alessandra Calcara – ICPD
  • Volunteer management – Romanian volunteering service, best practices and lessons learned – presenter Beniamin Dragos – Romanian Red Cross Vice President
  • Volunteer management – recruitment – presenter Matteo Vischi – Italian Red Cross South Tyrol Civil Protection delegate and Apostu George Ciprian – Romanian Red Cross Brasov youth coordinator (me)
  • How to keep volunteers active and motivated during peacetime –  presenter Giuseppe Bolzoni – Italian Red Cross WASH national delegate  and Apostu George Ciprian – Romanian Red Cross Brasov youth coordinator
  • Volunteer management – Code of conduct and principles of voluntarism – presenter Lorenzo S. Massucchielli – Italian Red Cross Regional cooperation delegate

The workshop was moderated by the Italian Civil Protection Department and by CIMA Research Foundation, represented by Daria Palumbo and Davide Miozzo respectively.

We had a very good time with our participants. The workshop was held at DEM ( Department of Emergency Management). Participants were very interested in our presentation.

After the Workshop we the training for trainiers began. I presented the first module on “How to organize a lesson”. At the begging of the training I was a little bit nervous because it was the fist time when I had to speak in front of such an audience.







However, after 5 minutes the emotions faded out. Overall the training went very good. With the help of Lorenzo ( the teamleader) and the help of my colleagues we succeed to make a great training.



After  the training I recieved the congratulations of  the participants for beeing a great trainer. I showed them a scheme for a session plan. The following day a trainee came to me and told me that after the training, when he went home, he made his  own session plan for his own training course. This meant a lot for me!

The training continued on the third day with Lorenzo’s session: “How to manage a lesson”. The team of trainees increased in number on the second day, most probably because my presentation was so good ( just joking).


Keep in touch!

I will come with more information about the next days!