The Project

The Italian Civil Protection Department is coordinating the capacity building project ‘EVRECA! – European Volunteers for Response of Emergencies in the Caribbean’.
Participating partner organisations are:

Participating Caribbean Associate Organizations are:

The main objective of this project is to define guidelines and standards for the recruitment and training of volunteers in the field of emergency management and disaster risk reduction (DRR) activities. This project deploys volunteers in third countries with the aim of strengthening local authorities preparedness, early warning systems, response and hosting of volunteers. The EU volunteers will enhance the level of preparedness and awareness of institutional stakeholders and of local volunteering organisations in order to better respond to hydro-meteorological disasters.

The Volunteers

  • 18 technical and scientific experts with significant experience in civil protection volunteering in one of the partner organisations
  • Deployments: up to 4 weeks missions in the Caribbean region


Project Cycle

Step 1
Identification of Volunteers

  • Each partner and associate will provide a preliminary report containing the profile of the volunteers willing to participate and providing a general outline of the activities of disaster relief
  • A criteria for the identification, selection and deployment of expert volunteers will be outlined

Step 2
Recruitment and Selection

  • Expert volunteers will be selected according to the criteria developed under Step 1
  • Potential candidates will be assessed by a team of 3 expert evaluators
  • 18 volunteers will be selected for the Caribbean region

Step 3
Preparation and pre-deployment Training

  • Volunteers will be trained in order to be deployed in the Caribbeans; a 5 day course will be organised in Italy by the Italian Civil Protection Department
  • The objective is to provide a better understanding of the socio political context and of the risk exposure of the population

Step 4
Deployment of EU Aid Volunteers

  • The hosting organisations are located in Grenada. Barbados will be consider as a ‘hub’ for capacity building activities in whole the region.
  • Selected volunteers will be assigned in short/medium term missions, ranging between 2 weeks and 1 month
  • Volunteers will provide capacity building and best practices activities in the field of Civil Protection
  • Priority will be given to those communities who are most exposed to natural disasters and have extremely limited coping capacities

Step 5
Evaluation & Follow-up

  • Project activities of the action will be monitored during the entire project
  • Lessons learned and best practices will be illustrated and compiled in a final report

Facts & Figures

Project Leader: The Italian Civil Protection Department (DPC)
Project Start: August 2013
Project Duration: 18 months
Contingent: 18 EU Aid Volunteers
Volunteers Selection:
end of September/ October 2013
Deployment Period:
up to 4 weeks missions from January to October 2014
Deployment Countries:
Barbados and Grenada
Focus of the Project:
Emergency management operations and strengthening of Disaster Risk Reducation capacities


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