EVRECA! Pre-deployment course

The course will be held in Rome, from February 10th to 14th, 2014

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Evreca! Pre-Deployment course will be held in Rome from February 10th to 14th at Scuola Superiore dell’Amministrazione dell’Interno. The course will be an opportunity for the selected volunteers to meet with the leaders of the Institutions that will be hosting them during their deployment in the Caribbean. The Caribbean Institute for Meteorology & Hydrology(CIMH- Barbados), the National Disaster Management Agency, (NADMA – Grenada) and the Department of Disaster Management (DDM – British Virgin Island) will be present at the course with the participation of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA – Barbados). With the collaboration of the Caribbean Associate Institution, best practices and lessons learned from the Enhancing Resilience to Reduce vulnerability in the Caribbean (ERC) Project will be shared and, most importantly, a detailed description of the working environment will be provided to prepare volunteers for their activities and to design a correct Plan of Action.

Volunteers will be asked to provide brief explanations of activities and strategies to be implemented in order to achieve project objectives. Moreover Volunteers will have the opportunity to meet with the entire group before the deployment phase.
Specifically the course aims at providing in depth knowledge of the Caribbean situation in the following fields:

i) State of the art of Civil Protection services in the Caribbean;
ii) European systems of Civil Protection;
iii) EU Aid Volunteers and Volunteering institution in the Caribbean Region;
iv) Knowledge exchange with a Cadre of Caribbean experts and National Focal Points (NFP) from partner countries;
v) Team building activities amongst EU expert volunteers chosen for deployment;
vi) Evaluation of EU expert volunteers from the project monitoring commission;

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