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Dello Vicario Attilio

Dello Vicario Attilio

Dello Vicario Attilio

Attilio Dello Vicario is an architect and works as local government employee in the Town planner department in Padua. He is a volunteer of Order of Malta’s Italian Rescue Corp (CISOM) since 1998.

He leads CISOM Padua Group as well as the North-Eastern Italy Evaluation Group and Emergency, and he acts as Coordinator of and responsible for the organization of all rescuing groups and volunteering associations for any event at Saint Antony’s Basilica in Padua.

In 2009 he was the Coordinator of Veneto volunteers during the Abruzzo earthquake emergency.

He had several experiences as C.I.S.O.M. volunteer, and other organization such as:

  • Earthquake in Umbria Region, 1997
  • Earthquake in Molise Region, 2001
  • Earthquake in Abruzzo Region, 2009 – Logistic coordinator
  • Earthquake in Emilia Romagna Region, 2012 – Logistic coordinator
  • Logistic coordinator and first aid volunteer in Valecia during Benedetto XVI visit in 2006.

He had several experiences in coordinating rescues for immigrants and Refugees in Lampedusa from 2008 to nowadays.

Sanitary mission in Bathore and Institute’s Districts in Kamez (Tirana) in 2010.

Exchange between EMERCOM of Russia and ACISMOM-CISOM Order of Malta 2011 and 2012.

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