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Papponetti Marco

Papponetti Marco

Papponetti Marco

I’m employed as laboratory technician in the Transfusion Center of the Chieti Hospital (Abruzzo-IT).

From 1992 I took part as volunteer in several Civil Protection Associations and starting from 2004 I’m member of the Order of Malta Italian Volunteer Rescue Corps (CISOM), a Nation Civil Protection Organization specialized in health assistance and logistic operations for national and international emergency.

Within CISOM, when an emergency occurs, I’m responsible of the group who has in charge the need assessment and first aids deployment. In 2009, during the Abruzzo earthquake emergency, I coordinated, as head of mission, the entire volunteers staff deployed from CISOM on the spot for 9 months.

Always with the CISOM, in the frame of the Lampedusa emergency, I had the opportunity of offering help to migrants, working as paramedic during the SAR operations.

Thanks to my job skills, I had the chance of working for the setting-up of Laboratory of the Emergency NGO Hospitals in Sudan (Khartoum & Port Soudan), in Sierra Leone. With other Italian NGOs, such as Bambini nel Deserto and MAS-CTH I made other missions in Niger and Somaliland. These experiences gave me the possibility of knowing African Countries context and of comparing myself with realities deeply different from mine.

I hope to be able to give my contribution to the EVRECA project in sharing experience, knowledge and motivations with the others volunteers I will meet.

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