First day, first impressions and a really good feeling Our first day of the assessment mission in Grenada is over and I can say that it was a really good and successful day. Two of us – Laura and Davide – reached the team with one day of delay due to problems with cancelled flights from Italy to London. So we can say that the start was somehow bumpy but at the end everything went well. We met our Caribbean friends, partner and most important stakeholder: Mr. Terence Walters and his Team of NaDMA. After a fruitful meeting, where lots of questions came up, we went to a press conference organized by NaDMA about our EU Aid Volunteer pilot project EVRECA. After a little break we went to the headquarter of the Grenadian Red Cross to talk about training needs and their possible role to be a certified hosting organisation for future EU Aid Volunteers missions. We felt a great interest in the EVRECA-project and the meeting was impressive and enjoyable. The last meeting finally brought us to the community of Saint Andrews from Greenville, the second-largest town on the island. We were invited to meet the district team of Saint Andrews South East. And we were overwhelmed by the cordiality and the friendliness we found within the school facilities of Saint Andrews.

The outcome was great and we felt the intention and the desire to develop some results together.

The Staff of NaDMA Good first day. And it’s a good feeling to be part of the EU Aid Volunteer Initiative.