Saturday morning was a kind of sad morning, when we realized, that it was really our departure-day from Grenada. It was a wonderful and great experience for the whole EVRECA-Assessment-Team. We came as strangers and left as friends. The beauty of the various landscapes as well as the warm-hearted encounters with local peoplemade a deep impression on our team again and again. We were able to do a lot and even if our working days were really long, this last day yesterday came far too early. Grenada is a nation with many needs in regard to disaster management and disaster risk reduction issues. From the first meeting last Monday to the last one yesterday we felt the strong desire of everyone we met to strengthen the local disaster management system. Volunteer management was one of the main issues evidenced by nearly everyone we met, from authorities to the single volunteer. Feeling the big support from various local authorities, especially the team from NaDMA, the challenges could be rather easily changed into opportunities and concrete steps. EU Aid Volunteers to strengthen the volunteering system in Grenada or maybe in the whole Caribbean Region sounds great, doesn’t it? And yes, all of us would love to come back as EU Aid Volunteer one day. But as pictures show much more than words, lets have a look on some impressions of our week in Grenada.


Meeting with the Permanent Secretary of Carriacoumeeting with the district team of CarriacouThe NaDMA office of Carriacouschool facility to be evacuated - tsunami exercise IMG_0190tsunami exercise exchanging experiences between Annalisa and the communication officer