22/03/2014 by Annalisa Bergantini – Anpas

Few days ago, I heard again about the “Five Ws”: Who, What, When, Where, Why.

When has become closer and closer, day after day, every time I opened the EvreCa website and I’ve seen the scaring but funny countdown published on it. “Passport renewal: done. Plug adapter: bought. Summer clothes: found”. Hundreds of documents in my laptop and a permanent headache since few days.

«Where are you going, aunt? »

«America, but not where people play football… Which countries do you know in America? »

«I know Mexico, aunt, because when I’ll be a paleontologist I want to go to the peninsula of Jucatan, where the dinosaurs lived».

«Ok, so if you look a bit on the right, in the map, there you can find Barbados and Grenada, two small islands in the Caribbean Sea. That sea of the pirates, Emanuele».

Somebody says that if you want to be sure that you explained something clearly, do it as you would explain it to a child. I don’t know if you, now, have understood where these two small islands are. But my nephew did.

tasks diary

What? We started with the training, mid February, and since then we never stopped. Many tasks identified, not enough time to work on all of them. Various contexts to assess and many stakeholders to meet. The big responsibility to give precise feebacks and inputs to the other two teams, Bravo and Charlie, who will be deployed after our mission. «The project depends on your assessment». Ok, fine, now we don’t really feel the pression!

And the unfocused picture has become clearer, day after day.

Who? Why?

It’s late and I have to catch a plain, so maybe “why” we’re doing this, and “who” we are, is better explained by our smiles.

Here we are, ready to go. Tomorrow at 5 pm we will be in Grenada. Stay tuned!

Alpha team_training