Departure Date: 22 March – 5/6 April – First week in Grenada, second in Barbados

  • Review the ability of potential organizations in Barbados to serve as a hub for EU volunteers
  • Develop guidelines for deploying EU volunteers to the Caribbean (regional and national)
  • Review communications between metereological officers and disaster personnel and make recommendations for enhancement
  • Review any networks that exist at the national level on how volunteer organizations work with the disaster  offices
  • Review the availability of hazard maps for at least one community
  • Identify training needs for each country
Markus Leimegger (A.N.P.A.S.)
Annalisa Bergantini (A.N.P.A.S.)
Laura Audenino (C.R.I.)
Giuliano Paterniti (C.R.I.)