Departure Date: 25/26 April – 10/11 May – First week in Barbados, second in Grenada

Review the Team Alpha assessment surveys and use the recommendations to develop strategies for:

  • improving communications between metereological and disaster officers
  • collecting and updating of impacts data into Dewetra

Develop a emergency/disaster plan for at least one community which includes

  • Hazard maps
  • Tsunami evacuation maps
  • Review existing shelter guidelines and make recommendations for enhancement to address/identify shortcomings (ie. Operation Ripe in Grenada)
Attilio Dello Vicario (C.I.S.O.M.)
Marco Papponetti (C.I.S.O.M.)
Alberto Solaro del Borgo (C.I.S.O.M.)
Andrea Osvaldo Zuanetti (C.I.S.O.M.)
Mihai Jhonny Grogorean (S.A.M.R.)
Imre Szabján (MMSZ)