03/04/2014 by Annalisa Bergantini – Anpas

IMG_0139 It seems like we left Europe a month ago, but it’s only ten days.

It’s always difficult in such intense missions, when a day lasts 16 hours, to  remember the details you lived, that talk you had with somebody. Sometimes you don’t remember a name, sometimes you don’t remember a face anymore.

But you feel like you have the pieces collected here and there, and at a certain  point they start to outline something that is so much clearer than only ten days ago.


In Grenada we’ve been sponges, absorbing and absorbing from the people we met in the communities. We’ve been a river flowing together with the children running up to the hill for the Tsunami drill.

We observed trying not invade any space, trying not to “sell dreams” or “copy and paste”, as our team leader Markus like to say, our models and mental schemes.

And we discovered opened doors, people talking with us so frankly, showing their needs, their difficulties, but also their desire to make a change and to be the change. Not only when a disaster strikes, but even more when nothing happens, during the so called peace times. We found a sort of hunger for exchange of ideas and development of new ones, and sharing of tools.

We found a strong commiIMG_0037ttment from the National Disaster Management Agency, from all its staff. They spent with us entire days, coming with us to meet the communities, sitting in the office to discuss future activities for the incoming teams, and identyfying their own needs, as the National Disaster Management Agency. «If you strenght the agency, you strenght the whole community» told us Ms. Mauryn at the end of our last meeting.

Words that made us feel proud of what we’re doing, and at the same time giving us a big motivation and desire to continue the work we just started.

The desire to meet again that lady who even didn’t remember her position within the disaster response district team, and see how her work could have developed, maybe in ten years since now.

soñe otro mundo tan lejos y tan cerca

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soñe otro mundo

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