After many days of work and Skype meetings finally the entire Team meets in London. It has been exciting to find those people with whom we shared a few months ago the intense and constructive pre-deployment course. Our work started immediately at Gatwick airport and the preparation continued during the flight, as we were full of expectations and willingness to do a good job.


Landed in Grenada the Team, amazed by the beauty of the country, started working straight away. Our Caribbean colleagues Terence Walters, National Disaster Coordinator, and the NaDMA (National Disaster Management Agency) staff, demonstrated from the very begin great hospitality and willingness to work together in order to improve Grenada resilience.


The job division has allowed us to plan the development of several topics and tasks; particularly, we started analyzing the existing system and, starting from there, to build a database in order to better manage volunteers. The Team, together with the NaDMA staff, discussed also implementation of District Disaster Plans and evaluation of existing Shelter guidelines.


Our first days have been exhausting but this hasn’t stopped us from spending together some free time at dinner and from having the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Grenada and the spontaneity and openness of its inhabitants.


Day by day we understand the emergency management system of this country and its specificities and we are working hard to support them in developing some of its features, never forgetting local customs, their habits and their culture.


The coming days will be challenging for Bravo Team, but we are strongly motivated to give our best for this wonderful country, and we are confident that what we will deliver here will make a difference!



Greetings from the spice island