19/02/2014 by Annalisa BergantiniAnpas


And then you wear the blue t-shirt and you’re proud to be part of this big thing.

You’re proud the be European and it doesn’t matter too much if you’re a volunteer from the Romanian Red Cross, from Anpas or from Malteser.

It could sound senseless or strange, but it’s been a good thing to start our activities – the pre-deployment training – not wearing our sending organizations uniforms.

We’re not here to demonstrate that one organization is better than the other.

We are here to get there. We’re here to learn how to work together – people from different countries, backgrounds, ages – and how to mix our colours.

And that blue make us feel we’re all on the same boat. We share basic values, with many differences but with the same spark in the eyes when we start talking about “dates, tasks, plans of action” and, of course, about our previous experiences.

For many of us, the colours and shapes of our sending organization’s logos don’t just outline a mere drawing, a flag that we might change from time to time.


Each logo means to us holidays spent working for people in need, week-ends far from our families, a daughter’s birthday missed for the second time and the evening of a Saint Valentine’s Day spent on the train with another volunteer – to the happiness of our partner – coming back from a training course.

To wear that blue t-shirt is an honour, to serve the European Union as volunteers is a responsibility.

So this time we will easily put apart our organizations’ flags and national colours, proud and hopefully ready to be European Aid Volunteers.