The team is now engaged in different areas, Imre and Danilo left for Barbados, while the rest of us is getting prepared for Carriacou. A careful preparation will allow us to understand better the island of coral reefs, as the Carib Indians named it.

Our main tasks for Carriacou are disaster planning and team building, since we want to enhance coordination and communication among the volunteers in order to bring them together to write their own district emergency plan. Yes, planning! In Carriacou we would like the volunteers to start building their own plan, following the example of the St. Andrews district team.

The team is made only of Italian, but it is accompanied by Terence Walters, whose proposal is that of also involving Carriacou in the process of planning and preparedness started by NaDMA.

The boat trip is amazing; we hug the incredible west coast of the island. Day by day we are discovering more in depth the environment and the nature of this country; we are not used to it, but it is helping us to better understand people and their habits, and this is making our work more pleasant. The sea becomes more and more rough while we pass by Kick’em Jenny, the active underwater volcano; nevertheless our stomachs endure quite well the crossing.


Once moored, we are brought immediately to the Permanent Secretary, whose interest for our mission is strong and even more highlighted by the presence of the only women on the Team. Driving along the island we are marveled by its beauty, more wild than Grenada, but with an incredible sky-blue sea, as we always saw in the Caribbean post cards.

The driver brought us to the NaDMA district office, a small shelter built by the US Government, perfect for local emergency management and district activities. Our day continued with the main event of the journey: meeting the district volunteers. Terence, who gave an overview of the emergency management system, made the initial remarks.


Andrea in second place motivated volunteers bring his expertise and experience and preparing the floor for Alberto who reiterated the importance of preparedness and planning. The meeting continued with three very interesting games on coordination, communication and leadership. Throughout the simplicity of these games, volunteers understood immediately the importance of team building, and the excuse of games gave the entire group the opportunity to spend an amusing but nevertheless formative afternoon.


The next day saw us working on the disaster plan and on the volunteer database with Terence and the NaDMA staff. The good news is that Terence is enthusiastic of the volunteer database and this strongly energized us in achieving our goals.

Despite our short journey we also had time for a guided visit by the Administration Officer the Princess Royale Hospital, a great example of willingness to improve the public health system.


Leaving the only pier of Carriacou, we understood that we would always bring this island in our heart: we found it so much quiet and paradisiac that the Team would really like to revisit it one day!