The first emotion and the last glance


Landing in Grenada we were looking out from our side window and thinking of which contribution from our experience we might have offered to the local communities. Now,  at take off, looking from the same window, we are more than sure that we gave as much as possible of our commitment without saving energies and that what we, the Team Bravo,  received during the last meeting with Mr. Terence, Ms.  Mauryn, NaDMA Staff, Communities and people met in the last two weeks is extraordinary and priceless.


I take with me, on mission, my notebook where  thoughts, ideas, impressions are reported; every day there are notes and emotions shared in the team, starting with the first meeting with Mr. Terence till the last presentation of the work done, including the data base  and the Disaster Plan.

The notebook contains the preliminary study of the Grenada Disaster Plan structure, including the visit to the shelter, some ideas offered to the Communities stressing the importance of the protection of territory, the need for associationism rather than individualism and the advantages of exchanging ideas so that the community itself is able to respond to emergencies.


Other notes are referring to the creation of the data base, with the suggestions from Marco, districts indications and names, responsible and voluntary people met as well as the indication for data ingestion and processing.  Also Skype conferences with Charlie are reported in order to start immediately the team building including recommendation for recruitment of volunteers and the preliminary training that Charlie can develop.

Here is the day of practice actions at the airport, two hours under the Carribean sun without-a-protective cream sunshine; hard but worthwhile.

We say, in Italy, “ tutto il mondo è paese”  an approximate translation could be all the world a country; people are different, materials are also different but “the organization” is there. Response to emergency is rapid; operational activities and de briefing are always interesting and educative.

The 6th of May, Tuesday, we move to Carriacou; we have the opportunity to observe Grenada as Colombo did during his third trip to the New World and to pass close to the Kick’em Jenny ( is an active submarine volcano or seamount on the Caribbean Sea floor, located 8 km (5 mi) north of the island of Grenada and about 8 km (5 mi) west of Ronde Island in the Grenadines. Kick-’em-Jenny rises 1,300 m (4,265 ft) above the sea floor on the steep inner western slope of the Lesser Antilles ridge.

We saw flying fishes and the increasing appearance of the wonderful shore of the fantastic island.

3In Carricaou we meet The Minister Permanent Secretary who stresses  the value of women in the team and kindly asks to be kept informed on the development  of our project; at first doubtful, they enjoyed the team building moment and were  happy to be part of the team structure; they asked to be operationally involved in the work of civil protection against calamities in their community where the small hospital there active has, notwithstanding the size, has a good unit for maternity and infancy. Some problems exist in the practice of waste disposal.

We now are on the top of the island where earthquake sensor and transmitting antennas are installed. Through a twitter on my phone we realize that even here we are in contact with the people aware of our activity in another part of the world.

Back to Grenada we are fully committed to the completion of the data base and the final drafting of the Disaster Plan. We still have time for  last meetings with S. Andreu Community and the New Testament; among these Communities the work done by NaDMA, Team Alfa and Team Bravo has been understood and appreciated so that many volunteers have  learnt one of the basic concept to emergencies “  80% of  knowhow and preparation, 20% of emergency “.

Team Charley now is your turn!

20140510_155745A last glance from the window while the aircraft is rolling; this mission have made us richer in the spirit and in the mind. We will see if the seed we have planted in “ the island of spices” will produce fruits.  Bye  dear Friends, Bye Grenada, we go back to our usual jobs; we are sure that time and opportunities to continue our common experience against emergencies will come soon because “since a life we are on the road” as someone said “It’s a live that I stay on the road” !

Thanks to our Staff: Laura, Massimo and Danilo.

Team Bravo : Imre, Alberto, Mihai, Andrea, Marco, Attilio