The thrill of being able to bring our experience.


The days go by and the work intensifies. Working with Terence Walters, National Disaster Coordinator, NaDMA staff and with the team, it is challenging but also exciting, and although there are few breaks, stress and fatigue are not felt.

 We continue to analyze the existing system, build a database in order to better manage volunteers, implement the District Disaster Plans and evaluate the existing Shelter guidelines.

 Friends of Team Alfa warned us, “when you will make site inspections and meetings with the community, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of these places, its flavors and landscapes, and people’s kindness”. Like when we visited the operations room built by USAID, with the most advanced construction techniques, in one of the safest and inland areas of the island, or when visiting the Marian Shelter Prototype and Multipurpose Center, St. George South East, where we could taste the sweet Caribbean plums that grow normally in the gardens of the island. P1030654

The shelter was built after Hurricane Ivan of 2004 following the criteria set for an emergency shelter, which is a good example to be replicated. Our analysis and discussion lasted long in order to get the real picture of what happens during an hurricane such as Ivan was, and how natural events so shocking, have significantly changed habits of this wonderful island.

There is a clear awareness that despite being a little island, they are not alone during disasters. The solidarity of other countries is necessary and important, and in our case, it is important to bring our experience of European Volunteers. As we have experienced in the community of St. Andrews, where we met 20 local volunteers, being a volunteer, discussing guidelines and tasks, before disasters occurs, it is necessary in order to build capacity, strengthen the local preparedness and resilience.

IMG_5987 We are strongly working for our Caribbean colleagues, and we are looking forward to make sure that tomorrow they will be able to say:

“I’m here, I’m a volunteer, and are ready to respond to emergencies.”

 The beautiful experience continues…